Pobble Circular Fashion

Debi came to us at the very infant stages of her brand new circular fashion business due to be launched in a few months time. Initially, a logo was required before then needing leaflet design and copywriting, and a new website from scratch which also required design of graphics in addition.

A basic concept was supplied and explained to us in an initial meeting to help us understand the importance of certain elements of the business as well as the significance of a sentimental item which would be used to form the basis of the logo design.


The Design Solution:

First port of call was meeting Debi face to face to fully understand her business, its values and the specific requirements. At this point we were able to establish rapport, build trust and open good lines of communication.

pobble logo
Initial logo design concepts were created, taking on board Debi’s suggestions and offering alternate versions and styles to help the client visualise the ideas and understand what was and wasn’t possible. Once a preferred logo style was selected, we were then able to hone in on the finer details and produce a stylish logo design that adopted the pebble graphic (relating to the name pobble) as well as font choice and colours that reflected the understood brand values.


Logo design complete, we were then able to create a double-sided A5 leaflet design with two purposes.

One side to introduce the business to new customers in the local area, explaining what circular fashion is and the purpose of the business, while the other side was a direct call to action to help gain stock and get direct engagement.

We took care of the leaflet printing too – printing on matt finished 135gsm paper.

pobble leaflet

Alongside the leaflet design, we produced an engaging website design in keeping with the overall brand guidelines that we had created, so that both leaflet and website tied together seamlessly.

Additional graphics were created to help illustrate vital points and these were used on both the leaflet and the website to help information jump out to the viewer.

website design pobble


Client Feedback:

“The logo is fab! Love it so much. I’m receiving enquiries on our website already and it has only been a few days since it has gone live and the leaflets have been distributed! The whole team has been so helpful, thank you!”

The Design Requirement

  • New Logo Concepts
  • Leaflet Design & Copywriting
  • Website Design & Copywriting
  • Graphic Design of Individual Elements


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